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Color of Wings is a time machine that pet parents board to create memories of their babies with love, respect and gratitude. Photographs are gift of love that leave a long legacy. Someday, when a pet parent is flipping through an album or scrolling through the images of their fur babies, they will  recollect the moments pent with their pets with pleasant nostalgic feelings.

With the current overload of images that most likely get lost in the vast storage devices, an exclusively made customised set of images will capture the joy of the present to become pleasant memories in the future. 

Architectural photography is all about fitting a facade and a strikingly impressive interior into a frame. It is about capturing the artistic and well-defined lines and forms of buildings. It is about showcasing the beauty of architecture. Who better to do it other than an architect with more than 25 years of experience? Color of Wings creates images that are as bold and imaginative as the structures they are photographing. Architects put infinite thought, time, and energy into their designs.  we can do justice to their designs. Exterior, Interior, sense of space, building in use or any other category you choose can be transformed into a story with our skill and creativity.

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